* Genealogists say, the name of the family  has come from  Dionysos, a Greek name, which later was transformed to Dienes. which was used by Saint-Dienes a martyr whose name was given to more medieval villages. In the XII-XIV. Centuries, several known personalities bear the name, including palatines from gens Aba and Tomaj. Family Crest mentions Dienes families from Auvergne in the XII. Century and later. A branch of Dienes’s in Telkibánya spelled their name Dihenes. Living branches of Dienes families of Abaúj are those of Gönc, Méra, Sárospatak, and Boldogkőváralja. Dienes families live in Transsylvania, too.

*The first generation of family from Göncz to be born in Budapest included Ilona D., Emma D. és (v) István D.. The latter was a painter artist, Sándor Nagy’s and  István Réti’s disciple and follower. Piéces of his works can be seen here.


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