* (iv) D. István’s house on Gönc’s Melegvízsor. one of the building of the former Szécsi property.  October, 2005









* The first known mentioning of the family Dienes of Gönc  can be found in the registry of those who paid Decimus to the  Catholic Church in 1558. The documents of municipium Gönc from 1560, 1610, and 1640, and later on, prove that this family  was an active participant of the community here up to the end of XIX. Century. In 1658 nobleman György D. served as procurator and plenipotentiarius of Makkos Kis Izsák. In 1659 András D. is a municipal iudex. In 1691 András D. was one of the 81 noblemen in Gönc. Int he XVIII. Century the family moved to the neighbouring Telkibánya. According to the matriculae of Calvinist Church, it was János Dienes, who returned again to Gönc from Telkibánya in 1855. Source: Iványi B. Göncz szabadalmas mezőváros története, 1926 Karcag, Kertész József könyvnyomdája.

* Gönc Gönc and Telkibánya were founded as the property of the Queen. In 1598, when the gold and silver mines run down and the King was not able to defend them from Turkish raids, the stringent Royal Chamber sold them to Thurzós By the end of the XIX. Century, Gönc was the northernmost settlement of the Tokaj wine region, and the „Gönc barrel”  was an international trade standard. It is famous for a variety of apricot. Horticulture, blossoming even in the fifites of the XX. Century waned and forests occupied the place of once wonderful gardens.


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